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Car loan

The credit for car purchase

The need for a new car and a new loan often go hand in hand.

Commit yourself to all the subtleties of auto loan and you will be able to easily control their cash costs.



Find out your credit score. Consult with a few friends or a bank consultant. Before taking a new loan, make sure that you have closed the previous loan and not lose your job in the next five years.


Find online payment calculator anddetermine the amount of the loan that suits you based on your monthly payments. Then, compare the interest rate in several banking institutions. Most banks publish their interest rates on their websites.


Be prepared for the fact that you have to pay a large sum at once. Maybe you should wait a few months to save money to go to the bank.


Pay attention to any clause in contractswith banks. If you think too suspiciously low rate, it is better to consult a lawyer. So you can once again check the reliability of the banking institution.


Do not forget to check the terms of the loan. Normally, auto loan is taken for 3-6 years. This is a fairly long period. You should make sure that during this period you will be able to pay the required monthly amount.


If time is on your side, then to shopend of the year can be very profitable. As dealers usually reduce the price by a few percent to sell older models at the beginning of the year to join the ranks in their stores new cars.

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