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How to shoot a video screen

Shoot video with screen

Today, the Internet has evolved to the point where it is difficult to imagine without the videos. Everyone loves to watch funny videos, why they are so popular.

Many even manage to earn on videblogginge.

But why would you do not have to, you should start with the basics.

Therefore, we consider how to capture video from the screen.



To remove a video from the screen fit programBandicam. Its easy to learn, because the interface is very simple. This Bandicam has all the necessary functions. Before exploring its possibilities, download and install the program on your PC.


On the "Main» Bandicam programthere are several options, but the most important of them - the "Output Folder". This is the place where the video will be recorded, but you can specify the directory where you have enough free space to store the video from the screen.


Tab "Video" program allows you to configurestart button, and pause a video record, specify the desired fps - frame rate, overall quality, bit rate, audio recording, and other codecs. If you dig into the settings you do not want, you can press the button "Templates" and choose the appropriate ready-made settings.


You should also call your attention to the button"Settings" in the tab "Video" Bandicam program. You can adjust the set recording settings, specify the primary and secondary audio device. If you need to record audio into separate files, tick the item "Parallel to save uncompressed audio files in WAV».


Tab "Image" contains settings forsave the full screenshot: their format, at the touch of a button to make a screen, whether or not the cursor. It is also possible to enable or disable the shutter sound when taking screenshots.


After reviewing the program interface, learnshoot a video screen. To do this, look for the button on top of the tab "Target", in the drop-down list, select or DirectiX / OpenGL, or "Screen Area". The first point is suitable for the removal of the video from any game, and the second - for the removal of specific screen.


If you select "Screen Area", you will see a frame withadditional black menu. To select the shooting of the whole screen, select the top left of the square frame icon. To remove only a certain area, you can use the magnifying glass icon, this option is called "Show window". Next to these icons have a drop-down list of permissions, which you can choose ready-made options or specify your own. On the right there is the triangle icon by clicking on it you will see a complete list of all these functions just as well as some additional options. It is also possible to customize the frame by simply pulling it any angle. You can not move the frame, pulling the black part.


By selecting the settings by placing a frameit is necessary, you can start shooting video with the screen, or by pressing a specified hot key in the settings, or press the REC button to the right on the frame. Making a record, open the directory with the recorded video. click "Open" To do this, you can open the Bandicam program and on the "General" tab.

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