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How to capture the Curtain bouquet of roses

How to capture the Curtain bouquet of roses

Attach a bouquet of beautiful roses to capture curtain or pelmet, and these flowers will delight you all year round.

You will need

  • cloth, ruler, pencil, needle, thread in the tissue tone.



On a piece selected for the manufacture of cloth flowerDraw diagonal stripes. One for each flower. The width of the strips should be 10 cm. The length of the flower strips need 70 cm, and for bud can take shorter.


For the production of flower, bend strip of cloth on the long side facing outward half. Corners strips round off. Excess fabric trim.


Hand sew basting stitch the bottom edge of the raw strip, including rounded edges. Do not forget to pull back from the edge of 6 mm.


Stretch yarn strip at one end. Gradually fold the flower from the fabric, securing it from the bottom arbitrary stitches.


Flower bud folds in the same way, only more dense. At the end of the assembly is done more to make the kind of drop-bud.

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