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Capacity for summer shower - selection criteria


Summer shower is an integral part of the countrySite. And in the summer heat it becomes a real salvation for those who want to refresh themselves and gain strength. The summer shower consists of a booth where a person is washed and containers of water. A variety of the latter often makes you think about which one is the best.

Capacity for summer shower - selection criteria
Capacities will determine the degree of comfort and convenience of using a summer shower. The main role here is played by the material from which they will be made.

Capacities are usually divided into those that are heated from sunlight, and those in which a heating element is provided. In addition, weight, size and color must be taken into account.

General criteria

The weight of the container should not be very heavy. At the same time, strength and reliability must be directly proportional to it. In addition, the weight and time and effort expended for the installation and installation of the container depends.

Its shape is also important. The most common are tanks in the form of a round or square tank. However, the most reasonable solution will be a flat container, since it is easiest to install, even on an uneven roof.

Color plays an important role. From what it will be, depends the temperature of the water, which will have to wash. The brighter the color, the lower it will be. It is worth noting that the water in the black tank will warm up more quickly and evenly.

Steel or plastic

If you decide to choose steel, then usually use carbon, galvanized and stainless.

The first type of capacity is good for its durability, reliability and affordable price. However, due to constant contact with water, such a container is susceptible to corrosion, which is why it is covered with enamel.

The second type is made of steel sheets,Covered with a thin layer of zinc. Thanks to him, such containers serve much longer than the previous ones. However, this layer is by no means infinite, so it must be periodically colored.

The latter type is much longer thanThe above products. Water in such a container will not have an unpleasant odor or color. In addition, it does not require treatment with anti-corrosion compounds or staining.

If you decide to choose plastic, then the mainPlus its durability, low weight, which is important when installing, and affordable price. Water in such containers will be heated evenly. In addition, unlike steel, plastic is not susceptible to corrosion.

Sun or electricity

Along with conventional tanks there are tanks with a system of water heating. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

The water in ordinary containers is heated bySunlight. This frees the owner of the need to monitor the process and allows him to do his own business. However, with cloudy weather, it's only possible to take a shower unless you are a fan of cold dousing.

Tanks with heating are good in that the water in them can always be adjusted to the desired temperature.

However, such souls can not work without electricity. In addition, it is necessary to monitor the water level in the tank. If it overflows, the heating device may burn.

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