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Canon or Sony: which camera is better?

Canon or Sony - which camera to choose. This question is often asked not only amateurs-beginners, but also professionals. After all, these brands of cameras are among the most popular and often used. To make the best choice, it is necessary to understand very clearly what is the difference between them and what their advantages and disadvantages are,

Canon or Sony: which camera is better?
Cameras Canon and Sony can be bothDigital soap boxes, and mirror devices. In the first case it is a question of small cameras intended exclusively for amateur shooting. In the second - about cameras, which are used for various photographs.

It is worth considering that the quality of modern cameras is at a sufficiently high level, and you can make high-quality pictures using an amateur camera.

Both Canon cameras and Sony cameras can be conditionally divided into 3 groups:
- amateur-
- advanced amateur-
- Professional.

Canon Cameras

When choosing a Canon camera, first look at the letters and numbers that indicate which model is in front of you. The smaller the number, the more advanced the model, the wider its functionality.

Modern Canon cameras, even those that applyTo the category of advanced professional, have ample opportunities. For example, they have a rotary touch screen, fast shooting in whole series, excellent video shooting.

In addition, Canon is quite goodFocusing. And this allows the camera to cope even with shooting in difficult conditions and at night. As for the quality of video, you need to look at the model. Naturally, small soap dishes will be shot on the porter rather than amateur semi-professional cameras.

There are experts who argue thatHigh-quality video on Canon can be obtained only with the use of professional camera models. The amateur mechanism is not suitable for focusing with a raised mirror.

Sony Cameras

Sony cameras also have a wide choiceModels. These are small cameras that amateurs use, and soap cases with removable optics, and SLR cameras. Each species has its own advantages. But in general, they all have high quality images, reliability of the device itself and its durability.

Using the camera Sony, as experts say, you can implement any, even the most courageous creative idea.

One of the advantages of Sony technology, designed for fans, is called the price of cameras. It is quite democratic and is available to most buyers.

Sony uses the latest technology, likefor example, SmileShutter and improved Face Detection, which allows to obtain an even more high-quality images and reduces the likelihood of obtaining the curves of smiles and blurry pictures.

Determine which of the devices - Canon or Sony -Better, almost impossible. After all, the basic functionality they have the same: photo and video, timer, red-eye removal, etc. But the nuances are chosen by each user. So, for example, if a person only takes pictures and does not need a video, he will not care what amateur Canona video quality is not very good.

For the most part, each brand has its own fans, andThey choose a camera based on their own preferences, without studying the opinions and opinions of others. The only thing they can compare is the technical characteristics of those or other models.

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