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Cancellation of the transport tax on disability


Cancellation of the transport tax on disability </a>

Many disabled people know that cars up to 100 hp. For them it is not taxed by the transport tax.

However, not everyone knows that a car with more than 100 hp can be exempted from transport tax.

According to Nos. 2 paragraph 2 of Art. 358 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation are not subject to the imposition of a transport tax: cars specially equipped for use by disabled people, and also with an engine power of up to 100 horsepower (up to 73.55 kW) received (acquired) through the social protection bodies in accordance with the procedure established by law .

Many (including some of our taxBodies) believe that in this section we are talking only about cars up to 100 hp. In fact, this is not so. A car up to 100 hp, if it is designed for an invalid, is automatically withdrawn from the transport tax. If the car is more than 100 hp, then the situation is slightly more complicated. This car must be specially equipped for use by people with disabilities (for example, manual control), and then it will not be subject to a transport tax.

For this you need:

Install special equipment on the vehicle.

Contact the traffic police, get there direction to check this equipment. This check will show whether the equipment is special for the specific case and whether it meets the standards.

After passing the inspection, with the received papers, it is necessary to come again to the traffic police. There should be put

Marks in the PTS and technical passport (in special notes) that the car is equipped with special equipment for the disabled.

Now we should collect

All papers (including, and certificates about disability) and to hand over them in tax.

Keep in mind that in

PTA and technical passport is put a date when special notes were placed there. From the following month, the transport tax should not be levied on you. Therefore, it is desirable to do all this quickly.

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