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CANCEL vehicle tax on disability

Cancellation of vehicle tax on disability

Many disabled people are aware that the car to 100 hp not subject to the transport tax for them.

However, not everyone knows that a car with more than 100 hp, can be exempt from vehicle tax.

According to the claims. 2 para. 2 of Art. 358 of the Tax Code are not subject to the transport tax: cars, specially equipped for use by disabled persons, as well as with the engine power up to 100 horsepower (up to 73.55 kW), obtained (purchased) through the bodies of social protection of the population in accordance with the law .

Many people (including some of our taxauthorities) believe that in this point it is only about cars to 100 hp In fact it is not. The car to 100 hp when it is issued to a disabled person is automatically removed from the vehicle tax. If car more than 100 hp, here things are a bit more complicated. This car must be specially equipped for the disabled (eg, manual), then it will not be subject to the transport tax.

To do this:

Install special equipment on the vehicle.

Call the traffic police, get out there designed to test the equipment. This test will show whether or not the special equipment for the particular case and whether it meets the standards.

After passing the test, with the obtained pieces of paper, you need to come again in the traffic police. There should be put

level of TCP and the log (in special notes) that the vehicle is equipped with special equipment for disabled people.

We must now gather

all papers (including references and disability) and pass them to the tax.

Keep in mind that

TCP data sheet and put the date on which you have brought to the special mark. From next month the vehicle tax should not be charged to you. Therefore, it is desirable to do it all quickly.

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