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How to cancel the Windows Automatic Updates

How to cancel the automatic Windows update

Automatic update of the Windows operating system is necessary to ensure safe operation.

However, many users prefer to disable the automatic update immediately after installation of the operating system.



It is no secret that the Windows operating systemmany different vulnerabilities. Whenever information found by hackers once enters the network vulnerability, Microsoft released under her staff "patch" covering an opening found. Due to the presence in the Windows Automatic Updates all discovered vulnerabilities promptly closed.


Despite the utility of autoupdates, many users disable it immediately after you install Windows, such as in the case of an unlicensed version of the operating system and related concerns. Disabling automatic updates is quite simple and takes very little time.


If you are working with Windows XP, open the "Control Panel" (Start - Control Panel), select "Auto section update"Double-click it with the mouse. In the window that opens, select the "Disable automatic update", Click" OK ".


Even when update off, is responsible for update Service continues to operate, consuming systemresources. It is better to turn off: Again, go to "Control Panel", click the "Administration" section, then "Services". In the next window "Automatic in the list of services update"Double-click it with the mouse. This opens a window in it, click "Stop". After stopping the service (it only takes a few seconds), select the line "Startup type" option to "Disabled".


The procedure for disabling automatic updatesWindows 7 is very similar. Click "Start", select "Control Panel", then "Security" tab. We find the «Windows Update" and select the option to disable it. As with Windows XP, after switching off the automatic update should go to "Services" and turn off the Automatic Updates service.

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