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How to cancel a System Restore

How to undo a system restore

System Restore in Windows used to OC rollback to an earlier state.

There are cases that after installing certain software system begins to malfunction. In such situations, helping recovery.

But it is also the case that this procedure does not correct the situation.

Moreover, new problems may arise.

Then you want to cancel the restoration.

You will need

  • - Computer of Windows.



Click "Start" button and click "All Programs." Then go to "Standard programs", then select the "System Tools". The official list of programs, click on the "System Restore." If your account is password-protected, in some cases, the system may need to enter this password.


In the window that appears, click "CancelSystem Restore "and go on. Then click "Finish". The computer restarts. the band appears. When it comes to the end of the screen, the computer will reboot and start normally. When enabled, a desktop notification window will be that the recovery of the system is canceled.


If System Restore does not cancelstarted in the usual way (may be related to a virus), then use this method. First you need to load the operating system in safe mode. To do this, after the computer is turned on, before there Windows label, press the F8 key on your keyboard. Instead of the usual turn on the computer, you run the options menu of the operating system boot. Also take into account that the F8 key opens the menu in most cases, but not all. If you use this key you are unable to access this menu, try the other keys F.


The operating system boot options menuselect "Safe Mode with Command Prompt." Then wait until the computer will not boot and will not appear on the desktop, the words "Safe Mode". Next, go to the "standard program" and open a command prompt. Now at the command prompt, type% systemroot% system32restorerstrui.exe and press Enter. Further, the sequence of actions is the same as the previous case. After canceling restore the computer to start normally.

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