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How to cancel a posted message


How to cancel a posted message</a>

Surely there have been many troubles with many?, When when working on the server with your e-mail, you accidentally pressed the wrong button? And thereby sent an unfinished message to the recipient or forgot to attach the file promised in the text of the letter.

To avoid such misunderstandings with the mailIt is preferable to work after all, without going to the site under your login and password, and using any mail program. The owners of the full version of Microsoft's office software package were lucky, perhaps, more than others.

Because in Microsoft Office Outlook the option? Return is added? Already sent messages.

How to use it, read our instructions.



Go to the folder? Sent? In your email program. Find an accidentally sent letter (let's hope that by setting up and installing Outlook, you put a check mark to save outgoing messages). Click on it with the right mouse button and in the drop-down menu list, select "Reply message".


If there is a desire to finish,To supplement? Hastened? Check the box next to the test? Remove unread copies and replace them with new messages ?. Decide whether you want to inform about the returned and not read yet message of the addressee. Check or delete it, depending on your intention to notify the manipulation of the return mail.


Click on? OK ?, edit the returned message and send it again.


When you do not intend to correct the message text and want to delete the message, proceed as described above, tick off the text "delete unread copies".


Activate the notification about the process of returning the message. Remember that you can return and correct or delete only the e-mail that has not yet been read by the addressee.


Remember that the recipient, with the appropriate settings of his mail program, can get both your original message and a notification of your desire to return the letter from his incoming.


If in your mailbox instead of returnedLetters came a message about the impossibility of return, this means that either the recipient had time to read the message, or the filter for sorting the letters worked, and your text was transferred to another folder. In this case, you can write a new letter to the addressee and indicate that it complements the previously left one.

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