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How to cancel a power of attorney

How to cancel a power of attorney

You have issued a general power of attorney for her husband's name, but divorced? and now you do not want to, so that he could manage your business?

Or issue a power of attorney for driving a friend and now want to take it away?

In these (and many other) cases, the question arises: how to withdraw the power of attorney and that this requires?



By law, the person issuing the power of attorney at anytime can cancel it. This desire does not have to argue? by itself it is already a sufficient reason for the termination of a power of attorney.


In order to revoke the power of attorney, youyou must apply to a notary, who assured her, and write a letter of canceling the power of attorney. In addition, at your request, the notary can officially inform your representative (ie, the former confidant) that his powers terminated. In a statement, you bring it to the attention of the representative of the abolition of the power of attorney issued in his name, and ask to immediately return the power of attorney to the notary or to you personally.


You can notify the person who waspower of attorney, its revocation and of other means, such as sending him a registered letter with a list of contents. After receiving the news of the termination of a power of attorney, he is obliged to return it to you.


In addition, when you have to revoke the power of attorneyinform those organizations, which was? addressed? power of attorney. For example, in the case of a power of attorney for the car, then you need to take a copy of the application to the traffic police department, where the car is registered.

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