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CANADIAN tillage technology

Canadian soil treatment technology

In the south of Russia and Ukraine deep digging earth is undesirable, but without it, the soil becomes dense and overgrown with weeds.

Therefore, you can apply Canadian technology.



In the first year to sow "warm" cereals (maize, sorghum, Sudan grass) and "warm" broad-leaved dicotyledonous plants (sunflower).


The next year should be planted beds "cold"cereals (barley, rye, oats) and broad-leaved dicotyledonous (rape, vetch, peas, beans, beans, potatoes), which carry a positive temperature lowered.


At the same time tap roots penetrate to a depth of62 cm, filamentous - 45 cm, maize (filamentous) and soybean (stem.) - Located primarily in the surface layer of 25-40 cm Stem roots peregnivaya leave cavities in the soil, which precipitates penetrate into the deeper layers, and the plant with fibrous roots loosened surface layers. By placing culture, it takes into account that after the corn can not sow crops, and when cleaning should not be left high stubble.


Crop residues and leguminous crops aremulch, but because beneath the soil warms up worse (slowly and unevenly), under the "warm" culture sow stripes (70 cm wide) and introduce green manure phosphoric potash. Row remains black and warms up quickly.
Herbal weight corn decomposes in threeyear, wheat straw - two, peas and beans are completely rot within the next year. Because of straw residues poor in nitrogen, was added starting the dose (10 kg per 1 ton of crop residues).

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