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Can toothpaste get rid of tartar

Tartar - the cause of tooth decay

Healthy teeth - the key to a beautiful smile.

It is an integral part of human appearance.

Caries, tartar - the disease that it is necessary to treat the teeth for a long time remained snow-white and firm.

The formation of tartar

Plaque is formed of plaquewhich gradually accumulate in the oral cavity. The stone is a hardened deposit lime rock. Mucopolysaccharide coating impregnated with mineral salts, which are contained in saliva, and deposited on the tooth neck. The high viscosity of saliva can cause stone formation. Localization of plaque occurs most often on the neck of the tooth near the salivary ducts. At the beginning of plaque has a loose structure and a weak pigmentation. Over time, deposits become dense structure and are brightly colored.

Plaque can cause inflammation of the gums.

How to get rid of tartar

Plaque on teeth appears already in the first hours aftercleaning. Therefore it is recommended to brush your teeth at least twice a day. If tartar was formed long ago, compacted and became dark, then no pasta not be able to overcome. Only the special procedures in the dental office will be able to bring the teeth in perfect condition and remove all the plaque.

A toothpaste may be used as a means ofprevention of tartar. If pigmentation was seen on the teeth or small deposits, you need to clean the top of the toothpaste pour a little baking soda. It will increase the abrasiveness of toothpaste and help clean the teeth. Sell ​​special paste for prevention of tartar. It includes active components, damaging deposits of calcareous rocks.

For bleaching and getting rid of the plaque should not use chemicals and acids, which only destroy the enamel.

The sticky surface contributes to neoplasmthickening layer of plaque on the teeth. If time does not get rid of tartar, may cause other more serious diseases: dental caries, periodontitis. Neoplasms teeth aesthetically ugly. The stone is porous and readily absorbs dyes. If a person loves coffee, tea, then he needs to carefully monitor the condition of their teeth.

Stomotologicheskaya procedure

In dentistry carried out "scraping" procedureor "deep cleaning." It aims to remove the tartar from the teeth. procedure is recommended every six months. Use special tools to remove the stone from the teeth above and below the gum line. Tools have a special grinding, which will not damage the tooth enamel. For the destruction of the stone used ultrasound. Then it requires grinding and polishing the teeth. Spend the whole procedure under anesthesia. To make this patient anesthetic blockade or splash in the mouth lidocaine spray.

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