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CAN a headache hurt my nose


Can my head ache from a cold</a>

Pain in the head and cold are symptoms that accompany almost every third disease. Sometimes headaches begin earlier, and in the course of time there is a runny nose.

If you have these symptoms, you need to know the diagnosis as soon as possible.

Runny nose, headaches and other symptoms

After the virus has penetrated the human body,He begins to actively multiply and strengthen his position. The human body tries to reflect the threat and cope with the emerging disease. The consequence of such actions are: fever, runny nose, headaches, muscle pains, chills, poor health. With catarrhal diseases, the headache is manifested during physical exertion or late in the evening. If the main symptom is a cough, most likely the pain in the head will manifest only in the temples.

If the part of the head hurts slightly above the nose, andAlso part of the forehead, immediately consult a doctor - this can be a sign of maxillary sinusitis. The genyantritis can develop into a chronic if it does not get rid of it in the shortest possible time.

Types of diseases

Virtually all diseases of this type haveSimilar symptoms: from the nose "flow" purulent and mucous discharge, unbearable headaches. Despite this, all sinusitis is divided into several types, as they have different characters and points of pain.
With sphenoiditis, the pain is called "splitting", it appears immediately after the common cold. Very often there are problems with eyesight, the eyeball's work gets worse, a person can go blind.
Genyantritis is one of the most dangerous and common diseases. Causes pain and heat in the forehead, cheekbones, temples. With this disease there is a dry rhinitis, the temperature can rise.

The exact definition of the disease can only be given by a doctor. Do not self-medicate, as this can lead to incurable diseases.

Etmoiditis - this inflammation is accompanied by a very high fever, the runny nose practically shuts off the sense of smell. The inner part of the eye, closer to the bridge of the nose, starts to burn hotter.
Similar symptoms in the near eye area, as inEtmoiditis, arise with front. In this disease, the pain in the eyes is expressed several times stronger, with a slight pressure on the eyes there is a sharp cutting pain. There are pains in the forehead area, as well as a feverish condition in the sick person.

Headache is one of the symptoms that is manifested with the common cold.

To be cured of the diseases listed aboveQuite simply. Use folk and medical methods, but first find out the exact diagnosis. Although the disease and do not cause serious concern, the desolation of one of them can lead to chronic diseases.

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