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Can our past life affect future

Can our past life affect future

Past life - an interesting concept and unexplored area of ​​knowledge. The question of whether past lives affect the present, very interesting.

But a clear answer to it simply does not exist.

The impact of past lives

It happens that many situations in life are repeatedevery now and again. For example, you are one and the same scenario throw partners cheated in the markets and shops, rob. Perhaps this is because in the past life you act.

The point is that the concept of past lifeIt suggests that a continuous series of incarnations of the same soul serves to correct all errors. For this reason, the same situation can be repeated thousands of times, so that you finally came to the conclusion and change their behavior in a similar situation. It may be a situation in which you are the injured party or the person who has spoiled something meaningful. Look, if your life events always follow the same scenario, it is time to rewrite.

There is no unambiguous way to determine what was the past life. You can consult a fortune-teller with a similar question.

As a past life influences the personal future and the future of the family

Sometimes the influence of past lives can be"Collective." For example, in your family so many relatives do not arrange a personal life. You see, year after year divorces, quarrels, litigation, division of property. Perhaps it is you can cut this Gordian knot of complex, unpleasant situations, which stretch a string of past lives of your family. It is necessary to seriously examine all known situations of difficult personal life, draw conclusions and try not to make similar mistakes. Very often it happens that the way out of the vicious circle of committed by someone in the family, as it pulls the rest.

Past life can also have a directthe impact of the current. For example, you may have an obsessive fear of ponds, precipices or gas poisoning. Moreover, you swim well and are not afraid of heights, but at home you have an electric stove. Such cases say that you have experienced some unpleasant experiences in the past life. You may have drowned or fell into the abyss, and may have been among those killed by a gas attack in the war. In this case it is best to turn to art as therapy. Try to paint a picture that reflects this your fear. If you do not feel the inclination to painting, write a poem or story. Expression and impression so fear must become much weaker.

Unless you do not believe in the concept of past life, analyze their real life in order to identify recurring regularities, it can provide food for thought.

Sometimes a past life can be feltusing the skills or abilities that appear suddenly. People suddenly begin to speak in foreign languages ​​or brilliant dancing though I never studied anything like that.

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