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whether men can cry

Can men cry

Tears - medicine for the soul.

They are common to all men, and men are no exception.

Representatives of the stronger sex, which tears - a strict taboo, more prone to stress and disease.

World stereotypes

Tears - a way of expressing emotion, characteristicall people, regardless of gender, age and views on life. Society is accustomed to perceive reality through the prism of stereotypes, so many men from childhood "programmed" not to show tears in public. However, this does not mean that the remaining in splendid isolation, the representatives of the stronger sex can not give vent to emotions.
Psychologists say that men get sick more often,than women because they feel tears strict taboo. This problem comes from childhood, when his parents lay in the minds of boys stereotype of the "real men never cry", forgetting that the tears - it's not a sign of weakness, and only way to rid the body of negative energy. Men and women are equally characterized by emotional outbursts - the stronger sex also sensitive to the loss of a loved one, treachery and betrayal, and therefore have every right to cry, your heart's content.
Do not forget about the men's tears of joy. birth of a child, a wedding with his girlfriend - it's so touching events that contain the emotions of many representatives of the stronger sex is not possible.

Should we hold back the tears?

Male, unlike the woman can not affordallow to cry in public and go unnoticed. Of course, if it is not about critical situations related to passing of relatives or friends. The representative of the stronger sex should not restrain emotions in the presence of a loved one, that he did not show his weakness. For many women, men's tears - a manifestation of the most profound and sincere feelings.
However, they should not be systematicallyphenomenon. Man pouring tears, always and everywhere, is not exactly cause the respect of others and put the chosen one in an awkward position. Each person is different, sometimes by men so sentimental that may even cry while watching a melodrama. This does not mean that they are weak and effeminate, the tears - just a manifestation of the state of mind is the same as laughing, smiling, etc. Restrain emotions is harmful to the nervous system, so men never allow myself to cry, trying to find alternative ways to "defuse" the body. Sometimes they reach for a bottle and cigarettes, bringing the problem of not only themselves, but also close friends. Such "strong" people certainly will not cause respect in the eyes of others, so the tears - not the worst means to gain peace of mind.

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