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Whether stray periods of stress and nerves

Can lose monthly from the stress and nerves

When menstruation begins earlier or later period, it can be a sign of disease.

However, the reason may be much less severe.

In particular, often fail menstrual cycle is associated with stress.

How Stress Affects monthly

The mistake would be to believe that in the menstrualcycle only responsible reproductive organs. In fact, it is directly connected with the endocrine, nervous system and even brain work. Problems with any of these "elements" can cause premature menstruation begins or, alternatively, too late.

Provoke cycle skip can even cold, especially if a woman is experiencing stress, as is forced to carry the disease on their feet, unable to properly relax.

Severe anxiety, fear, anger and othernegative emotions affect the central nervous system, and it, in turn, no longer properly regulate the dilation and constriction of blood vessels and uterine muscle activity. As a result of lining of the uterus may be rejected prematurely, and therefore the monthly start early. The situation is worse if the woman is often involved in sports and can withstand great physical exertion. That is why, if a case or problem takes a lot of nerves and energy, should be ready for the arrival of premature menstruation.
It should be borne in mind that if a failure provokedstress, bleeding may be accompanied by symptoms such as sleep disturbances, excessive crying or irritability, weakness, dizziness, and even fainting.

Additional factors that cause failure of the menstrual cycle

There are "pleasant" stress that may resultpremature beginning of menstruation. They are associated with abrupt climate change. For example, if you went on a trip to tropical countries, be prepared for the fact that menstruation starts earlier or later date. In such cases, stress affects the operation of the autonomic nervous system, which in turn affects the activity of the uterus.

Strong emotions may be associated not only with climate change, but even with the move to another house.

We should not forget that stress is not alwaysobviously linked to the emotional state of the person. In particular, the stress to the body will be an extreme diet or acute nutrient deficiency. The transition to an unhealthy diet leads to violations of the circulatory system, which may cause not only a delay in the appearance of menses, but more abundant than normal bleeding. If you stick to your diet, find out how many calories you need to consume per day with your physical activity, as well as make sure that the diet was balanced.

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