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CAN MONTHLY get off stress and nerves


Can the monthly get off stress and nerves</a>

When menstruation begins earlier or later than the term, it can become a sign of the disease.

However, the reason can be much less serious.

In particular, often the failure of the menstrual cycle is associated with stress.

How stress affects the monthly

A mistake would be to believe that for menstrualThe cycle is answered only by the reproductive organs. In fact, it is directly related to the endocrine, nervous system, and even to the work of the brain. Problems with any of these "elements" can lead to the fact that menstruation will begin prematurely, or, conversely, too late.

Provoke a cycle failure can even catch a cold, especially if the woman is experiencing stress, because she has to endure the illness on her legs, not being able to have a proper rest.

Strong worries, fears, irritation and othersNegative emotions affect the work of the central nervous system, and it, in turn, ceases to properly regulate the expansion and contraction of blood vessels and the activity of uterine musculature. As a result, the mucous membrane of the uterus can be rejected prematurely, which means that the monthly ones will begin before the term. The situation will worsen if a woman often goes in for sports and withstands a lot of physical activity. That is why, if any business or problem takes away a lot of nerves and forces, you should be ready for a premature arrival of menstruation.
It is worth considering that if a failure is triggeredStress, bleeding may be accompanied by symptoms such as sleep disorders, excessive tearfulness or irritability, weakness, dizziness and even fainting.

Additional factors that cause a menstrual cycle

There are "pleasant" stresses that can lead toTo a premature onset of menstruation. They are associated with a sharp change in climate. For example, if you went on a trip to a hot country, be prepared for the fact that menstruation will begin sooner or later. In such cases, stress affects the work of the autonomic nervous system, which, in turn, affects the activity of the uterus.

Strong emotions can be associated not only with the change of climate, but even with the move to another house.

Do not forget that stress is not alwaysIs obviously connected with the emotional state of a person. In particular, the stress for the body will be an extreme diet or an acute nutritional deficiency. The transition to malnutrition leads to abnormalities in the functioning of the circulatory system, which can cause not only untimely appearance of menstrual, but also more abundant bleeding than usual. If you stick to diets, find out how many calories you need to eat per day with your physical activity, and also make sure that the diet is balanced.

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