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Is it possible to operate without printing

Is it possible to operate without printing

From 2015, companies may be allowed to carry out their activities without round seal.

The bill has received the support of the State Duma in the first reading.

Earlier, a requirement of the seals and stamps has been secured for the IP only.

Today, the company is required by the presence of roundPrint full name, legal address and other requisites of the organization in Russian. For IP printing - an optional attribute, but it is still widely used by entrepreneurs as a means of identification.

In the case of the signing of the bill costsPrinting will not be included in the number of mandatory requirements for legal entities required for successful registration. Previously, printing was one of the confirmations of the reliability of the company. But this is not to exclude the possibility of fraud. After all, the company could be closed for a long time or be in the process of bankruptcy, but still continued to use the old seal. The presence of the press does not guarantee the authenticity of the company's owners signatures on documents that could be used in corporate conflicts.

Now, much more reliable and can be obtaineddate information on the status of the company's online registry of legal entities. It contains information about the date of establishment of the company, address, owners and managers. In the near future should also receive information on the presence or absence of tax debts from the company, passing it the financial statements.

Moreover active transition on aelectronic document makes printing obsolete form. It is assumed that they can be replaced by electronic signatures or special forms of a hologram, but they will be used solely voluntarily.

Despite the fact that the print was not mandatoryfor use, many SP did not refuse their application. The fact that the presence of the press increased reliability in the eyes of customers, and a number of legal entities and counterparties refused to work with entrepreneurs without printing.

Companies, too, are not required to give up print,they can continue to use it, and after the beginning of 2015. Print is still the most affordable and familiar way of identification. We can therefore expect that the printing of the document will be released quite soon.

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