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Can I work on the computer during defragmentation


Hard disk full of information, much computerand inhibits the user includes defragmentation. But hurry, the failure of the plan, an unfinished or unfinished report forced again and again "torture" your PC, despite the fact that he is on prevention.

Defragment and simultaneous operation - compatible to incompatible.

The ministry does not tolerate the noise, but not when"Lit report" came "deadline" and you need to get as much as possible for the least possible time. And here comes the realization that it's time to carry out the defragmentation process to the PC has become a little more bright.

What is defragmentation

Information is recorded on a computer hard disk is uneven. It is distributed randomly on the free sectors and clusters.

Defragment is best done on a regular basis, and this create a problem in the operating system.

This state of affairs leads sooner or later tothe fact that the read heads are slowly drive the desired area. On the visible level, this is reflected in the so-called "brakes". The operating system for a long time to "digest" the request and may not give the desired result as fast as it wants an impatient user. In this case, and the need to streamline the data defragmentation.

Syndrome impatient user

When the computer is busy defragmentation, hardthe disc is loaded very heavily. Read heads have to work in hard mode. Find information, read it, rewrite a new place to make it orderly. At such moments, ideally it is best to leave your PC alone and do something else.

Impatience - not defect to the user, but when you're working during the defragmentation, it slows down the process even more.

But as you know, is not ideal. In the real world, when the defragmentation takes a couple of hours, which is not uncommon, the user can not stand and begin to work before the completion of all required operations.
And there is nothing wrong with that, if you accept thegeneral system slowdowns. Reads the hard drive heads have to spend time ordering information, and fulfill your requests. This is reflected in the slow opening files "stuttering" audio "brakes" video. Lose the information so you can not, if only during the defragmentation will not happen dramatic power surge.
Well, if your computer is worth moreone of the hard drive. Then you can work with files on a single disk, and defragment the other. Then, if possible, to transfer the information on the first drive and a second to run defragmentation. This will reduce the number of time-loss and speed up the overall process.
Therefore, if you have the opportunity, do notinterfere with the computer system to make faster and do not disconnect it until the operation is complete. Put defragment at night and go to sleep quietly. If the work does not suffer, you can perform different actions at the same time with the service PC. Strict prohibitions can not be here, but just recommendations.

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