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Is it possible to wear a cross husband


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The question of wearing someone else's cross that belonged to a close person, including a spouse, can arise for various reasons.

Some of them are very sad.

If the husband is dead, the widow may well leave his personal cross for memory, and then she will have to decide whether to keep it in a secluded place or to wear it.
But not always the situation is so sad. A husband can give a cross to his wife if she lost hers. Finally, a cross can become a gift to a beloved woman, and the husband himself will wear another cross.


In most cases, the arguments against wearingForeign cross, including his wife, are as follows: the cross "absorbs" the problems and misfortunes of the owner, his "negative energy", and all this dangerous "matter" will necessarily pass to the one who will put on someone else's cross. And anyway, if a person gives someone a cross, it's suspicious: obviously, he wants to take off from himself and pass on his problems to someone!
About the cross belonging to the deceased, and you can not speak: the wife who put on the cross of her deceased husband herself will certainly die in the near future!

The position of the Church

All the arguments given above go back toPrinciple "like this gives rise to such." This is one of the fundamental principles of mythological thinking. It is in him that many signs and magic originate. Both belong not to the Christian faith, but to paganism, and to be both a pagan and a Christian is impossible.
The Holy Cross, including in the form of a smallThe cross worn by Christians on the chest is a symbol of Salvation. Therefore, in principle, it can not carry any negative connotations, especially - it can not bring any troubles. From the perspective of a Christian, misfortunes can only bring their own sins.
No gift made from a pure heart, norThe bright memory of the deceased wife is not a sin. A woman can fearlessly wear the cross of her husband, which he gave her as a sign of his love. There is nothing dangerous in the cross of the deceased spouse.

When you can not wear a cross your husband

There is only one situation in whichWearing a cross of a spouse a woman should refuse point-blank. This is the case when the husband says: "Take my cross, you can wear it, I do not need it." This means that a person is ready to refuse not only from the cross, but also from the faith. In this case, a loving Christian wife will not accept such a "broad gesture". On the contrary, she will say: "Thank you, I already have a cross, and leave my own. I'm calm when you wear it. "

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