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Can I wash my hair every day?

Can I wash my hair every day?

Oily hair requires regular cleaning and special care.

Too frequent use of shampoo will exacerbate the problem of the increased activity of the sebaceous glands of the head, but to walk with dirty curls also is not a good solution to the problem.

What happens if you wash your hair every day?

To wash or not to wash - that is the question

Experts recommend to wash your hair no more thanonce every three days. And many would be happy to listen to their advice, but what if one day turn into curls unpresentable icicles that can not be hidden, even braided ponytail or braid. If the status of your head gives you a lot of trouble, you feel unattractive, thus depriving your self-confidence, you'd better resort to wash my hair every day.
Fairly widespread opinion that frequent washingIt leads to the appearance of dandruff, but it is not. Daily use of shampoo can cause dry skin, which is why it will start to peel off. Fallen flakes really resemble dandruff. Your task - to prevent drying of the scalp and strengthen regular water treatments the activity of sebaceous glands.

How to wash your hair every day

Shampoo should be selected for daily washing,which will act aggressively and will not harm your hair. These tools are provided with the inscription "for frequent use." Shampoo should be designed for your hair type. For frequent use, you can buy a natural remedy, and to get rid of existing problems (for example, dandruff) is better to buy a therapeutic shampoo that does not require frequent application. Do not skimp and do not buy unknown means firms to pay a little more and buy a shampoo that really take care of your hair.
Before I go into the bathroom for a few minutes, comb the hair. In the first place, so you simplify the procedure of cleansing, and secondly, call the blood flow to the scalp.
Do not wash your hair with hot water. It should be warm, but not above forty degrees. Higher temperatures will increase the activity of sebaceous glands. Also prepared beforehand can be used to settle and even mineral water. Always thoroughly rinse the hair, washing away the remnants of shampoo to locks longer stay fresh and look good.
Use masks and balms to protect skin and hair from drying themselves. If you have a thick and oily hair, choose funds that do not contain silicone.
After showering, pat your hair with a towel and letthem dry. wet hair is not recommended to comb and dry the hair dryer. If you wash your hair before you go to work, and you do not have much time to put himself in order, so that without the hair dryer can not do, use thermal protection. Apply the product on the hair before drying and do not expose to the maximum temperature of the hair dryer. This will help your hair stay healthy and intact.

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