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Down jacket and a washing machine compatible

down jacket washing in the washing machine will not spoil the jacket, if you follow the main recommendations of the manufacturer and know some tricks everyday.

Recommendations can be found on a label sewn on the side seam down jackets.

Fundamental rules

Products made of natural down is usually recommendedwashed at a temperature not exceeding 40 ° C. Some machines machines include a special program for washing down jackets, which provide ideal settings. If such a program is not, wash down jacket should be in a delicate washing operation, with an additional rinsing. Cleaning very bad washed out of down products. Without additional rinse the jacket may remain white soap stains. Pressing down jacket better at minimum speed. It is not recommended to use a tumble dryer.
It is equally important to choose the right tool forwashing down jackets. It is better to buy a special gel, which is usually sold in outdoor clothing stores, or household chemicals. It almost does not foam and prevents the formation of white spots after washing.
Before washing down jacket should be properlyprepared. Remove the inside out, empty pockets, unfasten decorations and metal elements as possible. Zips, buckles, buttons fastened - this will eliminate their deformation in the wash. Edge also detachable - it is usually washed by hand or cleaned in dry cleaning.

Household Tricks

Frequent washing down jackets is fraught with the fact that with fluffeventually straying into lumps and jacket loses its properties. It is no longer warm, flushed. This can be avoided by reducing the number of washings to a minimum and using some tricks. Before washing down jackets should visit a sports store and buy two or three tennis balls in white. It is not about plastic balls ping-pong table, and a soft balls with textile surface, which are used in tennis. Balls should be put into the drum of the washing machine together with the down jacket. They will be beating down, not letting him get off in lumps. Colored balls and paint can shed the jacket, damaging it. Therefore, if you are not able to find the white balls, you should whiten colored in a chlorine solution before using them for washing down jackets.
In stores you can find specialtourmaline sphere for washing down products. They have the same effect as the tennis balls. Simply put these balls in the drum of the washing machine and you can not worry for the safety of down jackets. At the same temperature, extra rinse and delicate washing and spinning are not canceled. Taken together, these measures will help to permanently preserve pristine quality down jackets.

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