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Is it possible to trust people


Trust is the basis of any relationship</a>

Trust is an important part of the perception of the world around, with its lack, a person feels unhappy, regardless of whether his negative expectations are justified or not.

But often a person, gaining more and more experience, begins to doubt whether people should be trusted at all.

Why you need trust

People do not live alone, everyone is a part ofSociety, which means that any person is involved in the activities of social institutions or processes based on communication. It is trust that is the basis for all this. Someone thinks that in the first place the activities of human society are regulated by laws. Of course, they are important, but trust is much more important.
Since childhood, people are very trusting. Have you noticed that young children are not rushing to treat strangers cautiously, no matter how you exhort them? While a person does not face a problem in a specific area, he will trust others.
Usually people trust their loved ones: Family members, partners in marriage, children and friends. Trust means that in communication with these people you can relax. You can rely on those you trust in specific issues. It is on trust that relationships are built.
Allocating someone a so-called trust credit, youAllow a person to do the same for you. This is how a new friendship, new relationships or business connections can begin. If you do not trust the person initially, then no contact between you is simply impossible. It turns out that trust is the basis not only for communication, but also for establishing strong ties between people. That's why you still need to learn to trust people.

Why people do not trust

Not all people are open to everyone, manyAre very distrustful of strangers. Their trust needs to be earned. Why does this happen? There may be several reasons. Someone may have been deceived before, because people often behave cruelly to each other, putting their own interests above strangers, even if they injure others and violate their words or commitments. Few people are able to trust others as they did before, after facing betrayal.
Nevertheless, the "cure" of such mistrustexist. Reduce your expectations, especially with regard to strangers. Be open to communication, but do not expect too much. Then everything that a person can give you beyond what you expected would be a pleasant surprise.
Inability to evaluate people is another reason. Indeed, to trust everyone and everyone is pretty silly. Some people are perceptive, they see bad intentions or hidden qualities of a person, so they will not trust him too much. Others make mistakes and lose confidence in humanity in general. It is best to simply follow the rules of safety and in dealing with strangers and with close people. Do not lead people into temptation, so as not to experience their weaknesses.

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