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How can you choose carefully coolant for your car

If you are drawn to experiments on mixing several brands of antifreeze, always remember that breaking the stable operation of the cooling system, you are breaking the temperature of the engine operation mode.

Make the right decision.


Coolant is an integral part of the vehicle's cooling system. It provides effective heat dissipation and supports the engine operating temperature to the extent necessary.
Many motorists faced with suchconcepts that characterize the fluids as "antifreeze" and "antifreeze". To understand the basic difference between these liquids do not. "Antifreeze", in fact, Soviet commercial name antifreeze. He usually is a little bit cheaper.

The composition of antifreeze

To understand whether the mix antifreeze different possiblebrands will investigate its composition. Base material antifreeze - ethylene glycol, it has the chemical formula C2H6O2 and a dihydric alcohol. In addition, it contains antifreeze and other substances having additional functions is various additives. They have lubricating and foaming, and are designed to protect the cooling system of cars against corrosion and oxidation.
In life, many motorists are always waitingunpleasant situation. For example, you purchased a car, but did not ask the former owner of the name it used in antifreeze, and at the most inopportune moment find its reduction to a critical level. Going into the car shop, you can see in the windows of countless brands of antifreeze and wondering about the possibility of their mixing.

Mixing different brands of antifreeze

In fact, the simple answer to the question ofmixing different brands of antifreeze can not. The world is full and positive examples of several types of antifreeze continued to perform in a vehicle system, their immediate function. However, all may end quite sad. Yes, the basic "element" antifreeze is ethylene glycol, but its manufacturers are striving to make their products or better quality or, on the contrary, more affordable for consumers. In this connection, they give Cooling liquids by means of all sorts of additives and useful properties in a completely different level. Any additive is the weight of chemical compounds. Therefore, in order to really safe to mix several types, it is necessary no more, no less, and have a diploma chemist to foresee the occurrence of serious reactions.
Thus, more accurate to say that the mixdifferent brands of antifreeze is not recommended if you do not want to get the opposite effect and jeopardize the system of the car. For this reason, you should always thoroughly and carefully approach the choice of coolant, pay attention to the additive. In addition, it is important to change the liquid in time, because over time it loses its properties.

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