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Can I install antivirus 2

Can I install antivirus 2

Desire user to protect your computer against malware is quite natural and understandable, especially since the new and dangerous viruses appear every day.

Not entirely trusting one antivirus, many users decide to install on your computer, several, but here's how it justified?

Antivirus software is a specialkind of software, the function of which is to detect and neutralize computer viruses, and potentially malicious software. In addition, the antivirus can prevent infecting your computer. The user is offered a variety of options, distributed as a paid anti-virus software and free of charge. These programs are characterized by different functional and working arrangements, as well as the effectiveness of the prevention of and the fight against viruses.

The principle of anti-virus

Almost every computer has theor other anti-virus software, but some mistakenly believe that increasing the number of concurrent anti-virus will provide a more powerful protection. To understand why this is a fallacy, it is necessary to understand the mechanisms of anti-virus programs work.

Do not forget to regularly update the virus database, so that your antivirus software could identify "fresh" viruses.

To find the computer virus has already infecteda so-called signature-based method, the essence of which is that the antivirus compares the contents of files with virus databases, trying to find a match. If they are detected, the program tries to "cure" the file, ie remove it from the extra content - "body of the virus." Prevention of infection is based on the continuous monitoring of the programs of activity to prevent malicious activities of viruses and protect against infection. Most antivirus programs are working on a combined basis, that is in active monitoring mode, and file scanning mode.

Why do not more so - is better?

Naturally, even the work of a single anti-virusable to affect the speed of your computer as the scan file loads the hard disk, and monitoring - memory and CPU resources. Even if we assume that both antivirus simply operate in parallel, the load on the computer resources doubles. Unfortunately, it is actually more difficult because the antivirus program does not accept his "competitor" as anti-virus, including its usual application running on your computer, therefore, it seeks to control and his work too. For example, if one antivirus will start to conduct the background scanning of files, the second one will be forced to "monitor" its work in the process, as well as scan scanned files, even stronger impact on the speed of your computer.

Any antivirus software is not perfect, so it is quite possible "false" response and attempt to lock obviously harmless programs.

In some cases, antivirus programs are capable ofconflict, taking each other for potentially unwanted programs. For example, if one antivirus try to "cure" the infected file, the second one will not let him do it, as it will be sure that there is an attempt to virus infection. Conflict antivirus software may cause the operating system to stop responding and need to force a reboot. Moreover, such dual control in practice leads to a weakening of protection, as a significant part of the resources to spend on anti-virus scan of each other, rather than to search for viruses. So much more practical to install a powerful antivirus with the necessary additions than to act on the principle of "the more, the better."

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