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Can I install the outlet in the bathroom

Can I install the outlet in the bathroom

More recently, the installation of electricaloutlets in the bathrooms of apartments typical plan was not provided. Household washing machines placed in them, there was no place, and heated towel rails and electric water heater was not on sale.

Today the installation of sockets in the bathroom - a vital necessity.

Possibilities outlet placement in the bathroom

From the point of view of electrical safety bathroom- Is not the most suitable place for the installation of sockets due to high humidity in the room. Therefore, during the installation should take special precautions and to take into account exactly what devices are connected to the mains.
Wiring in the bathroom should behidden and be grounded. All places of connection wires must be carefully insulated. Place for sockets to choose with regard to the safety zones. So, within the bath and sink may not use any electrical appliances. At a distance of 0.6 m from the crane can only be installed water heaters, the body which must be grounded.
At a distance of 1.2 m from the crane can be mountedprotection class II luminaires, equipped with a switch in the form of lace, and exhaust fans. Do not install outlets in the wall where condensation occurs constantly. Housings of electrical outlets should be at least Class IV drip-proof, they are equipped with special covers and seals, do not absorb moisture.

Installing conventional electrical outlets may be no closer than at a distance of 2.4 m from the crane.

How to properly install the outlet in the bathroom

The old houses in the bathroomsground provided was not, therefore, making repairs, take care of the old wiring is replaced by a three-wire with double insulation and protective conductor. In this case, it must be isolated in a separate group, eyeliner voltage to which is carried out by a separate three-phase cable.
Consider installing an automaticoff. At the outlets, which will be installed in the bathroom should be a third grounding prong. Do not use metal pipes or rebar construction as the ground.

If in the bathroom will be a washing machine, set the tripping device is triggered at a current strength not exceeding 10 mA.

When installing sockets consider nominalthe electrical power to be connected thereto. Selection section of the wire and the maximum current in the socket should be made taking into account the fact that the starting current at the time of engine start the washing machine may be several times greater than the nominal. Marking of electrical outlets displays the maximum operating voltage.

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