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Winter landscape of warm window

To carry out the replacement of a new plastic windows can be old at any time of the year. Modern technologies allow to install windows even in sub-zero temperatures.

It is only necessary to consider some features of the installation in the cold season.

Cooling apartments

The main disadvantage of the winter assembly that onopening a time window remains open. It threatens hypothermia premises. Therefore, at a time works best take away from small children at home, remove the flowers in the other room. In general, the global cooling to room temperature, the negative is not going to happen. Firstly, a fully open aperture is not more than half an hour, because the installation of the window frame is very fast. Secondly, let the cold installation at temperatures below -15 ° C. It is not so very cold to vystudit apartment to the outdoor temperature.

When choosing a company for production and installation of windows,should give preference to the one that provides long-term warranty and has a free service guarantee work.

If the window is mounted at the lowertemperatures must be used a protective shield and heat gun. Otherwise, the structure loses tightness after installation and can even be deformed and cracked. The shield is attached to the outside of the building a special metal bars, closing the gap to the street side. Then he pumped warm air to ensure complete wall junction. Only then the old window is dismantled and installed new. This technology eliminates the cooling of the apartments.

Violation of the properties of materials

In sub-zero temperatures is a violationproperties of certain elements of windows and installation materials. Therefore, winter installation requires compliance with certain rules that allow to perform quality work.
During the transportation of plastic windowsframe cools, it changes the size of the linear design. Installed in the cold frame is expanded at ambient temperature and may be deformed. Cold plastic may burst during assembly, since it becomes brittle. To avoid this, window unit must stand up in the heat of at least a day.

Installation of windows in the winter is more favorable. Firstly, at this time, the demand is lower, and hence can be advantageous to obtain a discount. Second, immediately become visible all possible violations of tightness design.

Cold reduces surface propertiesinsulating mounting tapes. To avoid violating the tightness of the window, you need to warm up the material to + 15 ° C at room temperature, clean and dry the surface of the joints. The tape is first attached to the frame in warm conditions, and only then quickly mounted on a cold window opening. Polyurethane foam, which fills the gap between the window unit and sing, to be special, designed to work at low temperatures. It added substances to ensure solidification in cold conditions. Sama foam is applied in two layers. First, in the cold zone using a heat gun, and then the inside at room temperature.
Compliance with these rules allows to put a plastic window in the winter no less quality than in the warmer months.

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