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Is it possible to install plastic windows in winter


Winter landscape behind a warm window</a>

You can replace the old window with a new plastic one at any time of the year. Modern technology allows you to install windows even in sub-zero temperatures.

You just need to consider some of the features of mounting in the cold season.

Cooling the apartment

The main disadvantage of winter installation is thatSome time the opening of the window remains open. This threatens the supercooling of the living quarters. Therefore, for the time of work, it is better to take young children out of the house, to remove flowers to another room. In general, global cooling of the room to minus temperature will not happen. Firstly, a completely open opening remains for no more than half an hour, since the installation of the window frame takes place very quickly. Secondly, cold installation is permissible at a temperature not lower than -15 ° C. It's not so much cold to wallow the apartment up to street temperatures.

Choosing a company for the production and installation of windows,You should give preference to the one that provides a long warranty and provides free after-sales service when the warranty case occurs.

If the window is mounted at lowerTemperatures, a protective shield and a heat gun must be used. Otherwise, the design will lose its tightness and after installation can deform and even crack. The protective screen is mounted outside the building on special metal bars, closing the opening from the street side. Then it is pumped with warm air to ensure complete adherence to the wall. Only after that, the old window is dismantled and a new one is installed. Using this technology completely eliminates the cooling of the apartment.

Infringement of properties of materials

At subzero temperatures, a violation occursProperties of some window elements and mounting materials. Therefore, winter installation requires compliance with certain rules that allow you to perform work qualitatively.
During transportation, plastic windowThe frame is cooled, this changes the linear dimensions of the structure. The frame installed in the cold state will expand at room temperature and may deform. Cold plastic can also burst during installation, as it becomes brittle. To prevent this from happening, the window unit must stand warm for at least 24 hours.

Installation of windows in the winter is more profitable. First, at this time of year, demand is lower, which means that you can get a profitable discount. Secondly, all possible violations of the tightness of the structure will immediately become apparent.

Cold surfaces reduce the propertiesInsulating mounting tapes. In order not to break the tightness of the window, it is necessary to warm the material to + 15 ° C at room temperature, to clean and dry the surface of the joints. The tape is first attached to the frame in warm conditions, and only then it is quickly mounted in the cold window opening. The mounting foam, which fills the gap between the window unit and the floor, must be special, designed for operation at low temperatures. It added substances that provide congealing in cold conditions. The foam itself is applied in two layers. First in the cold zone using a heat gun, and then from the inside at room temperature.
Compliance with these rules allows you to put a plastic window in winter no less qualitatively than in the warm season.

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