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Can I drink non-alcoholic beer at the wheel

Can I drink non-alcoholic beer at the wheel

Non-alcoholic beer while driving is not recommended to drink, because any sort of such a drink is a part of a small proportion of the alcohol.

Even in the absence of a positive value when checking on the road the driver may face additional trouble, because the inspector suspects intoxication by external signs.



driving while intoxicatedentails imposition of severe penalties, including large fines and long deprivation of a driver's license. That is why the non-alcoholic beer drinking and driving should be very careful, it is recommended to avoid the use of these beverages. The main reason for this recommendation is the presence of a small proportion of alcohol in the beverage as beer. It is significantly less than in a conventional beer so its numerical value is typically less than half a percent. But this amount would be sufficient when identifying the inspector to prosecute.


It should be noted that non-alcoholic beer everIt is never completely devoid of alcohol, as is done on a similar technology. It is believed that a small amount of alcohol vapor quickly disappears from the body of the driver, but to ensure zero instrument performance with the use of non-alcoholic beer at the wheel no one can. That is why drivers should not risk, although the drinking of this beverage a few hours before driving a car does not usually entail negative consequences. This trust inscriptions that indicate a zero alcohol content, and are placed on the cans and bottles with alcohol-free beer, do not, as a detailed analysis of the product clearly indicates that it contains a certain percentage of alcohol, which affects the numerical values ​​displayed by special testers.


An additional circumstances indicatingthe need to avoid the use of alcohol-free beer at the wheel can become a medical examination, which is to pass the driver will be required at the request of the inspector. The legislation allows specified officers to direct drivers to such an examination in the presence of external signs of intoxication, one of which is the presence of the odor. In view of the fact that non-alcoholic beer is a source of the same smell as the alcoholic beverage of the options from this risk should be avoided. At the very least, the existence of such suspicion on the part of inspector will turn the loss of a significant amount of time, and under unfortunate circumstances, a citizen loses the right to his vehicle.

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