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Is it possible to drink during exercise

Is it possible to drink during exercise

Condition of the water balance of the body is very important during exercise, an athlete who receives during intense workouts in the gym.

Despite the fact that the question of the optimalthe amount of fluid consumed during exercise, and to this day is still open, the professionals are convinced that drinking water in the gym still need.

You do not need to have special medicaleducation in order to understand how much the body giving fluids during intense workouts. But it depends on the water balance results and the overall efficiency of the entire training cycle. Severe loss of fluid while exercising in the room with something like dehydration, when disrupted the overall metabolism in all tissues and organs of the human body. With a sharp loss of fluid, which is especially important in crowded or poorly ventilated gym, reduced level of muscle reaction that finds its expression in an unjustified attack fatigue. But not all as obvious as it might seem at first glance.

Drinking water in training for bodybuilding

If the athlete attends a gym with a viewbuild muscle, then the restriction or elimination of water is not only not helpful, but clearly harmful. If there is insufficient water in the body breaks down protein compounds access to the damaged areas of micro- breaks muscles that just complicates itself muscle mass growth. In addition, under intense sweating blood begins to thicken, which negatively affects the work of the heart muscle. After all, the heart will take much more effort to push through the thick blood vessels. Small vessels in the skin surface are virtually no power. This can be seen by exhaustion exercise a person whose skin has a pale hue after heavy congestion.
The amount of consumed water during exerciseshould be clearly agreed with the coach, after all, the excess water in the body is also harmful. Quench your thirst in the hall is best purified carbonated water, drinking small amounts in a few gulps and only in moments of apparent discomfort when there is dryness in the throat.

Can I drink water with cardio

If cardio is done for the purpose ofweight loss, it is also to use water only in small sips. During those moments, especially when the body is overheated, it is best to refrain from taking cold liquid, as this can cause the common cold. In general, water is brought into the room or special sports drinks should be at a temperature close to the temperature of the air in the room. It is not recommended to use soft drinks and carbonated liquids.
Check your body for dehydrationduring exercise is quite easy. In case of violation of water balance can occur burning in the stomach. Also, if the load can disturb muscle cramps in the coached group. Also, if in the classroom in the hall there is hoarseness in his voice or discomfort during a call, it signals a clear violation of water-salt balance in the body.

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