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whether the animals can express emotions through facial expressions

Can an animal to express emotions through facial expressions

Facial expressions of the human face helps to more accurately express their emotions, that is directly related to what is happening, is not related to his intellectual comprehension.

In animals, the facial muscles are less developed, but not completely absent.

Learning to read facial expressions in humans occurs throughout life. Of course, the period of early childhood is necessary most intensive assimilation of the values ​​of certain facial marks.

People are capable of detecting different emotions expressed on the faces of their companions or opponents. This is compounded by the fact that a person is able to lie the same as lying tongue.

Some are able to understand and emotions of animals, although it is "art" is given much more difficult.

Mimicry of animals

The muscles responsible for facial expressions have evolved and become more complex in humans with the development of speech, as in dogs and cats remained at the same level as were a few million years ago.
Higher primates closest to man on the evolutionarystairs, so mimic them much more complex and diverse than mimicry representatives of felines and canines. However, this does not mean that your machine mimic animals used in some other way.
Emotions experienced by them, as clearly affect the expression of their faces. Just people do not always attentive to these external manifestations of the internal condition of pets.
Most people are able to distinguish only thosefacial grimaces, which may represent a threat by the animal. So aggressive snarl almost everyone is familiar. If the animal human emotion is not directly concerned, the way it is imprinted in his eyes, it is usually indifferent.

How to understand that the animal is experiencing

People who love to communicate with animals,understands the language of their facial expressions. In many cases, it replaces the speech. Learn to say, people stopped using some facial shapes that became possible to replace words. Animals always show the same facial expressions in their gratitude, pleasure, confusion. To learn to read their emotions, you just need to be attentive to their inner state.

By learning to understand facial expressions of animals, you can set them such close contact, which would seem to be impossible without the use of speech.

However, that mimic animals nevercheating, makes this terminal particularly trust. Perhaps this is why many people say they love dogs a lot more people. Although animal and you can not exactly explain their desires or talk about past life events, but their emotional state can always be identified by the sad or contented muzzle.

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