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To reassure the patient, calm yourself

Doctors joke: "If people want to live, the medicine is powerless, if a person wants to die, too, medicine is powerless."

In this joke there is a huge amount of truth.

From how to treat their own disease patient man, much depends on his fate.



Read books about the disease. If your loved one was diagnosed, to study the problem. Knowledge of the disease, symptoms, typical and advanced methods of treatment will allow you to correctly orient in terms of communication with the doctor. In addition, the descriptions of the disease often can be seen in the fact that it is not as dangerous as it sounds.


Go examination at several experts. The more serious the diagnosis, the more important this step is. Even the most modern medical equipment can give inaccurate information. Experienced doctors also sometimes make mistakes. You need at least to establish a clear diagnosis before choosing a treatment. And to save money, or effort on the diagnosis is not necessary. If you are not provided with finance, pass examinations in a number of district hospitals, most importantly, that the number of doctors who are diagnosed, it was more than one.


Pay attention to the patient. The more serious the diagnosis, the more it can torment fears death. At this point sick human being exacerbated matters. And you need to help him look for the answers. In addition, the feeling of support from close to many sick people gives strength to fight the disease.


Calm yourself. It so happens that the relatives of the show even more anxiety than the patient himself. And they infect him with her nervousness. If it happened in your situation, calm yourself. You can go to a psychologist, consult a doctor without the presence of sick relative. Look for ways to cope with them, only then you will be able to reassure sick.

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