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How to calm down and not be nervous


How to calm down and not be nervous</a>

"Calm, only calm" - who does not know the phrase funny fat Carlson from the good old cartoon. Yes, only to remain calm in the modern world is not so simple.

A person almost daily faces a certain portion of the negative, which over time can develop into stress.

And how to keep calm even in a stressful situation?



Control your own nerves - here it is, the mainThe answer to the question. The main thing is to notice the nervous state in your time and try to stop it. To do this, of course, is not easy. However, it is much more difficult to regain peace after the experienced stress, so it is better not to allow the emergence of stressful situations. And help in this matter can only realize that it's time to calm down and stop being nervous, despite the cause of your anxiety.


Another wonderful and effective wayRemoval of nervous tension - to sustain a pause. Sometimes there may be enough minutes to stop the impending storm of negative emotions. Just get distracted briefly from a pressing problem, imagine for a moment somewhere on the azure Mediterranean coast or at the same table with Leonardo DiCaprio.


You can try to look at the problem withSide. I wonder how in such circumstances your mother, grandmother, sister or girlfriend would act. Perhaps, in this case, the right decision in itself will come to your head.


There are situations when it seems that the world is about to beIt will collapse, that there is no way out and despair is near. In this case, just think and remember that somewhere in the world there are people who live hundreds of times worse than you, that in life there are situations and more difficult. You will feel better because your problem is not that great. Everything is known in comparison.


They say that the devil is not so terrible as he is painted. And this is the truth. Do not be afraid of the problem and think about it all twenty-four hours a day. It is much more important to try to find a solution to it. And if you slowly begin to realize the essence of the problem, then calm down and stop being nervous for you will be quite easy.

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