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How to calm a person with delirium tremens

How to calm a person with delirium tremens

Delirium tremens, in common "delirium tremens" - a dangerous mental illness, to which the prone people suffering from alcohol addiction.

Patients in the acute stage can harm not only themselves but also others.

"White Heat": Causes

It is believed that delirium tremens or alcoholDelirium occurs very rarely and only in the heavy degree of alcoholism. But in fact, the phenomenon of mental disorders, which can face each person coming out of the binge.

Delirium tremens ( "delirium tremens") - is a severe mental disorder which necessarily require hospital treatment.

The disease usually manifests itself in a few daysafter the release of the binge, and in severe stages of the disease may occur before voraciously. This happens due to the fact that the liver, pancreas and stomach are used to isolate the body a certain amount of enzyme required to digest alcohol. If a person refuses sharply from alcohol, especially after a long binge, and body enzymes do not cease to stand out, there is a poisoning of these same enzymes - this leads to delirium tremens. Typically, a patient with delirium afternoon calm, but strong exacerbations occur at night.


Trembling hands and feet, poor sleep, nightmares, severechange of mood in the afternoon, a sudden aversion to alcohol, vomiting - these are just some of the "delirium tremens". A person with this disease can not sit in one place, it is very restless, after waking up from a dream he may appear fearful hallucinations, which he perceives as reality, as he is able to hear sounds that are not really there.


Treatment is carried out in specializedclinics and intensive care wards. Typically, patients' delirium tremens "put a dropper with diuretics, drugs that support the liver, if you want to give heart and sedatives. Recovery occurs within 3-8 days, all different. Such patients can not be treated at home. Pull hospitalization is dangerous not only for them but also for society.

First aid for delirium tremens

With inadequate human behavior prone tobinge (suspicion appears hallucinations, aggressiveness, restlessness), you should immediately call the drug treatment or psychiatric emergency care.

A sure way to avoid the "delirium tremens" - to stop drinking. If you do not, drug experts advise strongly not to leave the state binge.

Prior to her arrival the patient is required to layin bed, it is desirable even tied to the bed. When symptoms of "delirium tremens" shows excessive drinking. Reassure the patient usually helps attached to the head of the ice. In the presence of house sedatives or hypnotics, they can also be used for suppression. In this state, a person is a danger to others, so it should be under strict supervision.

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