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How to reassure a person with white fever


How to reassure a person with white fever</a>

Alcohol delirium, in the common people "white fever", - a dangerous mental illness, to which people who are addicted to alcohol are prone.

Patients in the acute stage can do harm not only to themselves, but also to others.

«White fever»: reasons

It is believed that the white fever or alcoholicDelirium is very rare and only in a severe degree of alcoholism. However, in fact, this is a phenomenon of mental disorder, which every person who comes out of a drinking-bout can face.

Alcohol delirium ("delirium tremens") is a serious mental illness that necessarily requires inpatient treatment.

Usually the disease manifests itself in a few daysAfter leaving the drinking-bout, and in the hard stage of the disease can occur before drinking. This happens because the liver, pancreas and stomach are accustomed to excrete into the body a certain amount of enzymes, which is required for digesting alcohol. If a person abruptly refuses to drink alcohol, especially after a long drinking-bout, and the enzymes do not cease to excrete, the organism is poisoned with these very enzymes - this leads to a white fever. Usually a patient with delirium during the day is calm, but at night there are severe exacerbations.


Trembling hands and feet, bad sleep, nightmares, sharpA change in mood during the day, sudden disgust from alcohol, vomiting - these are just some of the signs of a "white fever". A person with such a disease can not sit in one place, he is very restless, after awakening from a dream, he can have terrible hallucinations, which he perceives as a reality, he can also hear sounds that are not really there.


Treatment is carried out in specializedClinics and intensive care units. Usually patients with "white fever" are placed droppers with diuretics, medicines that support the liver, if necessary, give heart and sedatives. Recovery occurs in 3-8 days, in all different ways. Such patients can not be treated at home. Pulling with hospitalization is dangerous not only for themselves, but for society.

First aid for white fever

Inadequate behavior of a person prone toBouts (suspiciousness, the appearance of hallucinations, aggressiveness, motor anxiety), you must immediately call a narcological or psychiatric emergency.

The correct way to avoid a "white fever" is to stop drinking. If this can not be done, narcologists advise not to get out of the drinking state drastically.

Before her arrival, the patient must always beIn bed, preferably even tied to the bed. With the symptoms of "white fever" shows a lot of drinking. Calm the patient usually helps attached to the head of the ice. If there are sedatives or hypnotics at home, they can also be used to pacify. In this state, a person is a danger to others, so he must be under strict surveillance.

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