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How to call with Skype

How to call with Skype

Skype is a popular application for online phone calls from computer to computer or mobile phone.

Depending on how you make a call you need to perform a sequence of actions.



Run the Skype application to installthe official website, and then sign up for the program, follow the instructions on the screen. Connect to a computer microphone, speakers or headphones, and if necessary, a web camera for video calls. Run Skype in the "Settings" menu, check the sound quality and reception of the microphone, as well as the image on the monitor. The menu has a number of contacts with the indication of "Test", calling on it you can check the sound of your voice during calls.


Select "Contacts" option and there - "AddContact "at the top of Skype panel. Add your desired user contacts using the application directory. You can search by several parameters, such as login to Skype, Phone number, etc.


Wait for the approval of your application by the user onadd to your contact list, then it will become available in the menu to display the current status - "online", "offline", "busy", etc. Click on a contact, right-click and select "Call". Enter the desired call method: via Skype, by mobile or home phone (if such numbers are).


After that, the program will dial-up, and in the case ofthe successful completion of the operation, you will hear the caller's voice in the speakers or headphones and see its image on the screen if it is enabled webcam. You can increase or decrease the volume in the corresponding menu on the screen during a call and off it completely, as well as enable and disable your webcam. press the "End Call" When the call is finished.


Refill your account in the system to make callsmobile phones and abroad. Go to the Skype main menu, and select "Buy Credit", after which you will be moved to the page, which will be able to select one of the suitable methods for depositing funds, as well as the tariff for the communication.

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