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How to call to Montenegro

How to call in Montenegro

Many Russians today are choosing Europe as an alternative to the Black Sea resorts.

In order for the traveler to call to Montenegro, you need to remember a few rules.

You will need

  • Mobile or landline telephone
  • Subscriber number in international format, or phone number of the subscriber from Montenegro cities.



To make a call from your mobile phone you first need to check if there is enough in your account balance when calling.


Make sure that your service planconnected to the service of international calls. To do this, try to make a call, if you do not work - please contact the reference network service, which will help support the operator to specify the ability to connect this service and will introduce a charging call.


Before making an international call from your mobile phone, review the terms of the tariff plan, not to spend a lot of money unexpectedly.


Dial the number in the format + 382xxxyyyyyy, where 382 - Code of Montenegro, xxx - prefix of the mobile network, and yyyyyy - number of mobile network subscriber.


To make a call from a fixed phone, dialfirst 8 and wait for a dial tone (code entering the long-distance line), then 10 (the international access code line), 382 (Montenegro) code, area code or mobile network prefix and phone number.


To make a call to a landline phone dial 382, ​​followed by the area code in Montenegro and then 6-digit subscriber number.


For calls to subscribers of the Russian operator,outside Russia, you just need to dial his number in the format: +7 - *** - *******. If the subscriber has connected international roaming, a voice connection is established.

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