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How to call in Italy


How to call in Italy</a>

The international telephone code of Italy is 39. You can call it from both landline and mobile phones.

The main thing is that the international communication service should be activated.



For a call to Italy from a fixed lineFirst dial 8 and wait for a beep (on some modern automatic telephone exchanges the beep after the eight will not be). Then dial 10 and wait for a new beep (which on some modern PBX also may not be). Now dial the code of Italy - 39, then the code of the Italian city, and after it - the number of the called subscriber. Please note that fixed international communication services are provided on credit. If the conversation is too long, at the end of the month you will have to pay a considerable sum. Do not make international calls without the consent of the person who pays for the phone bill.


Similarly, you can call Italy andCard telephone if it supports this service. Dialing rules are similar, but the limit of funds that can be spent is limited by their stock on the card, which is safer.


On prepaid tariffs of cellular operators, the serviceInternational communication is usually enabled by default. On the postpaid, it is most often necessary to include it by visiting the operator's office and making a pledge. In the second case, all communication services, including international, are provided on credit. In a home network, the cost of a call to Italy consists of the cost of a local outgoing call and the cost of an international call. Tariffication is usually per minute.


When roaming, communication services, includingInternational, can be provided on credit and on prepaid tariffs, and the cost of calls is considerable. For a call to Italy from a cell phone, dial +39 (plus dialed, depending on the phone model: either a long zero hold or double tap on an asterisk), then the Italian city code and the number of the called subscriber.


Significantly cheaper will cost a call to Italy via Skype provided unlimited Internet access. If the called subscriber also has Skype, enter his ID. The call will be free.


If the subscriber to whom you want to call,Skype is not, replenish your account in this system in any way, for example, from the payment terminal, and enter the number of the called subscriber into the program in the same format as when calling from a mobile phone. The call will be charged, and the funds will be withdrawn from your Skype account. The plus sign at the beginning of the number can be replaced by 00 or 011. This does not affect the tariffing.

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