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How to call Italy

How to call in Italy

The international dialing code of Italy - 39. Call it may be a landline or mobile phone.

The main thing that has been connected to the service of international communication.



To call to Italy from a landline phonefirst dial 8 and wait for the tone (in some modern PBX dial tone will not be after eight). Then dial 10 and wait for a new dial tone (which some modern PBX may not be). Now type the code of Italy - 39, then the code of the Italian city, and after him - the local phone number. Note that service fixed international communication provided on credit. If the conversation is too long, you will have to pay a considerable sum at the end of the month. Do not make international calls without the consent of the person who pays the phone bill.


Similarly, one can call to Italy andcard pay phone if it supports this service. Dialing rules similar, but the limit of funds that can be spent, limited their margin on the card, it is safer.


On prepaid tariffs mobile operators serviceILD is typically enabled by default. On the postpaid it is often necessary to include visiting the office of the operator and making a security deposit. In the second case, all communication services, including international, are provided on credit. In the home network call charges to Italy the sum of the cost of a local outgoing calls and the cost of an international call. Billing is usually per minute.


When roaming services, includinginternational, can be provided on credit and prepaid costs, and the cost of calls is significant. To call to Italy with a cell phone, dial +39 (plus typed, depending on your phone model, either by holding a long scratch, or by double-clicking on a star), then the Italian city code and the local phone number.


Noticeably cheaper to call to Italy via Skype provided unlimited access to the Internet. If the called party also has Skype, enter the user ID. The call is free.


If the subscriber to whom you want to call,Skype is not, top up your account in the system in any way, such as a payment terminal and the local phone number, enter the program in the same format as when you call from a mobile phone. The call will be paid, and the funds will be withdrawn from your account in to Skype. The plus sign in the beginning of the numbers can be replaced by the numbers 00 or 011. In the charging is not affected.

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