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How to call to England


How to call to England</a>

England - a developed European country with a high level of economy, health, education, science and culture.

Often, the problem arises: to call in England to your relatives, friends, business partners or potential employers.



If you want to call another country atLandline phone from Russia, you need to dial the "eight" (this means that the call is intercity), the country code, the area code and the telephone number of the subscriber. The code of England: 44. The codes of the most populated cities of Great Britain: London - 20, Manchester - 161, Liverpool - 151, Leeds - 113. Codes of other cities of Britain and many other countries you can find, following the link given in the section "Resources".


In the case of a call to your mobile phone, dialBefore the England code (44) combination 00, wait for a long dial tone, enter the code for England, then 10. Now dial the subscriber code and you can enjoy the conversation.


You can save by speaking in a freeService online video. Download Skype from the official site of Skype.com and install it on your computer. Create an account on the system. Ask the person in England (via email) if he has Skype. If not - ask to install, if there is - ask for nick and clock for communication.


You can call landline and mobile using Skype. To do this, replenish your service account through Qiwi terminals or by electronic money WebMoney, "Yandex.Money".


Select Skype from the list of countriesGreat Britain. You do not need to dial any codes, just enter the subscriber's number. You can talk the same way as on a regular phone. Usually it is Skype that provides the most profitable tariffs for international telephony.

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