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How to call in England

How to call in England

England - developed European countries with a high level of health economics, education, science and culture.

Often the problem arises: England call your family, friends, business partners or potential employers.



If you want to call another country forlandline phone from Russia, "eight" you need to dial (that means a long-distance call), country code, area code and the subscriber's phone. England ID: 44. The codes of the most populated cities in the UK: London - 20, Manchester - 161 Liverpool - 151, Leeds - 113. Codes of other cities of Britain and many other countries you can find by following the link provided in the "Resources" section.


In the case of a call on a cell phone, dialbefore the code of England (44) a combination of 00 Wait setting dial tone, enter the code in England, then 10. Now dial the code, and you can enjoy the conversation.


You can save, making the conversation in freeonline video service. Download the Skype software from the official website of the company Skype.com and install it on your computer. Get an account on the system. Ask the person in England (by email), if he has a Skype. If not - ask to determine if there is - ask nickname and watch for communication.


You can call landlines and mobiles using Skype. To do this, fill up your service account through Qiwi terminals or electronic money WebMoney, "Yandex".


From the client's list of countries SkypeUnited Kingdom (Great Britain). No codes do not need to type, enter the phone number is enough. It is possible to speak in the same manner as for normal telephone. Usually it Skype offers the most competitive rates for international telephony.

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