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How to call an ambulance with cell phone

How to call an ambulance with cell phone

Mobile operators provide their subscribers with numbers that at any time you can make a call to the ambulance, as well as any other emergency.

Sometimes these numbers neskolko- and it happens that not only the numbers are available in the customer's disposal, but also services.



The "MTS" operator and there is a shortfree number to call an ambulance: 030. There are other rooms that are able to help you out in a difficult situation - it is a single number emergency services (112), the police (020), emergency services (010), and gas service 040.


"Beeline" also provides its customersfree emergency numbers to call an ambulance (dial 003 and press the Call button), fire department (001), the police (002) and gas emergency services (004) - a single emergency number is 112.


The mobile operator "MegaFon" provideson this occasion the service, though its use is charged at a rate of 67 rubles (including VAT). This service is called "Mobile Secretary" and it organizes a whole range of different reference and consulting services. In order to use the service, dial the number 0999. On this number you can call the emergency services, the police, whip help, emergency service. In addition, you can get the address of the nearest trauma center, the nearest hospital or pharmacy.

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