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CALIFORNIA highlights

California highlights

California highlights - this is a special hair dye technology, which creates a smooth transition of color from dark (the roots) to light (at the tip).

dyeing technology

California highlights - a new kind ofhair coloring. To achieve the desired effect, the master selects several shades of the same color, causing them to curl wide horizontal stripes. At the roots of the hair obscured artificially or left natural color, if it is dark brown, chestnut or black. The more colors used by the master to create the California dyeing, the more impressive it is.

California weave is most commonly donewithout the aid of foil. It is not used deliberately to shades mixed at the joints, creating a smooth transition. In addition, they are more blurred outdoors color painting looks very natural.

California highlighting makes hair voluminous and very stylish. It can be done as long, and the middle hair. On too short curls weave it does not look so impressive.

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One of the varieties of Californiadyeing, gained immense popularity in recent years - painting "Ombre". In carrying out his master creates a sharp transition from dark to light. This effect helps to make hair more visually lush, emphasize eye color, etc.

California highlighting home. What You Should Know

California highlights - rather complexcoloring in which you need to know the principles of flower arrangement. If you decide to do it at home, you will need a minimum of four colors hue. For example, from dark to light brown light brown light with intermediate tones. Please note that the colors should be in the same range - cold or warm. Otherwise, a smooth transition will not work.

It starts the application of paint with the darkest shade. How much should be the width of the strip - you decide. Usually dark part of California highlighting a fairly narrow base color - light.

If the house is cool, after staining put on the head of a thin cellophane cap. Colouring composition starts to operate at a temperature of at least 22C.

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Gently apply a dark paint on the hair roots. Then take a strip of lighter paint. And so to the tips. Keep paint on the hair for as long as is necessary to influence the composition of the latter. Remember that if your hair is very dark, they can be a maximum of two lighter shades. If you want to be blonde - will hold a pre-bleaching procedure curls.

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