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How to calculate your rent

How to calculate your rent

It would seem that could be easier than to calculate the rent. However, in reality, everything is not so simple, and there is a lot of features and nuances.

For example, some tariffs depend on the area of ​​the apartment, while others - from the number of residents.

As in other matters relating to real estate, there are some nuances.



The area of ​​the apartment:From the total area depends on the payment of services such as housing management, maintenance and repair of the common property and engineering in-house property. In addition, the size of the apartment affect the cost of the elevator maintenance fees for "garbage" and "for the overhaul." Tariffs thus different for each home, but for the total calculation area is very important. The amount of payment for the services listed above can be changed in the event that your home will be established condominiums.


Number of residents: In the event that your apartment is no meters are installed, charges for water supply and disposal, gas and electricity will be set depending on the number of residents.


For that you have to pay: Remember that rent They can not be included, and you do not have to paythe purchase or replacement of windows in the hallways, doors and lighting lamps. In addition, own funds of companies produced and repair of heating systems.

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