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How to calculate your pension


Everyone can calculate their pension</a>

To date, the pension is a means of existence of 15 percent of the country's population. However, on what the pension depends, half of the elderly do not know.

Each pensioner can calculate the amount of monthly payments provided that he knows a number of parameters.

You will need

  • - employment history
  • - calculator



Define the trainee ratio. If a man has worked 25 years or more for his continuous work activity, and a woman for 20 years, respectively, then their recognized trainee ratio is 0.55. If the experience is more than 25 years, for each subsequent "labor" year, the pensioner increases his coefficient by 0.01. As a rule, the maximum indicator of the trainee ratio is 0.75. For example, the pensioner Ivanov has a work record of 28 years. Then its trainee coefficient is calculated in this way:
0.55 + 0.01 + 0.01 + 0.01 = 0.58


Determine the average wage.Here it is necessary to calculate the salary that a person received from 2000 to the end of 2001. This indicator can be found in the archive of the employer or in the municipal institution where the pensioner worked. If the employee has left on Pension Earlier specified term, its average salary for any six months is taken into account. For example, our pensioner Ivanov had an average salary of 15,000 rubles.


Determine the average wage level byCountry. It is necessary to find information on the average monthly salary for the country for the period of time indicated in point 2. According to statistics, today this figure is 1671 rubles.


Determine the percentage of salaries.It is necessary to calculate the ratio of the pensioner's salary in the specified period of time and the average salary in the country. The maximum value of this indicator is 1.2. In the example, this ratio will be 1.2


Calculate the size of pensionsThe size of the pension is determined by the following formula:
0.58 * 1.2 * 1671 = 1163 rubles.


Determine the presence of increases. The amount of the pension is added to the amount of increases that are due to the pensioner, if he has a seniority in the Soviet period.

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