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How to calculate the unused vacation

How to calculate the unused vacation

Monetary compensation for unused vacation days, paid to the employee in case of dismissal and if it is impossible to go to the next holiday.

This compensation is certainly guaranteed by the labor legislation and not on the grounds of dismissal.

compensation is calculated in the manner specified Art.

139 of the Labour Code.

You will need

  • Payslip for the previous month worked



Determine the number of days to be paidfinancial compensation. For the full year worked granted 28 calendar days of leave. If the worker is not completely worked out the year, the number of days determined in proportion to the months worked. If in a calendar month worked out less than two weeks, the days are excluded from the calculation if 15 days or more, the number of months is rounded up to a full month. For example, an employee eligible for compensation for unused leave over the period 01.01.2010goda on 18.04.2010goda. The number of days of unused leave in this case amounts to 28d. / 12months. x 4 months. = 9,33dn.


Determine the size of the average daily earnings. For this calculation, you must actually assessed amount of the employee's salary for the preceding 12 calendar months divided by 12 and by a factor of 29.4 (the average number of days).


Calculate the amount of compensation. The calculated number of days of unused leave multiply by the average daily earnings.

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