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How to calculate the stamp duty

How to calculate the stamp duty

Government duty ? fee payable by persons in connection with an appeal to the state and other bodies for the performance of legally significant actions.

For some types of action shall be payable infirm size, for example, the registration of the marriage 200 rubley.Pri reference to the court or arbitral tribunal, the state tax amount is calculated by the payer on their own.

It depends on the size and type of request.



At the request of property determinedregressive scale of rates depending on the amount of the claim. Price action is determined by the size of the monetary claim, the cost of the property (for claims on property), the sum of payments for the year (alimony, except payments for minor children). The maximum amount of the fee is limited to 60 000,00 rubles when contacting the District Court, 100000,00rubley handling arbitration.


At the request of non-property individuals pay a hundred rubles, legal? four thousand rubles.


For the issuance of a court order? half of the registration fee, which is calculated on property demand.


During the appeal, cassation, supervisory review, the appeal of actions of officials defined a solid amount of the fee.


Stamp duty is determined separately for each request and summed.

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