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How to calculate the size of the canvas for cross-stitch

How to calculate the size of the canvas for cross-stitch

is very important for cross stitch or tapestry stitch to the stitches went smoothly.

It's easy, if the fabric with a pronounced large weave.

Canvas allows you to perform a beautiful flat cross stitch on any fabric.

It is important that no piece of canvas was smaller than required.

You will need

  • - Scheme vyshivki-
  • - kalkulyator-
  • - Line.



Decide what kind of canvas is best suitedfor your purposes. It is a mesh fabric. The stores most common cotton canvas, but sometimes you can meet and linen. It can be white or colored. There are several types of material. For the embroidery on fine fabric is best suited bill canvas, ie such, which after the end of the threads are removed. Popular and ready basis, it remains in the product. For other types of embroidery are also used stramin, Counsel and Hardanger. They are also suitable for cross stitch and tapestry. For thumbnails more suitable silk muslin.


For aspiring needlewoman most suitablecanvas Aida. For this canvas, and the easiest way to calculate the number, because each corresponds to weave stitch. Aida can be of different sizes, the store on the price tag, you are sure to find a room.


Consider the diagram. Schemes for counting embroidery made in such a way that one box matches one stitch. Count the number of stitches horizontally and vertically. Next, calculate the length and width of embroidery in centimeters by the formula L = k / n, where L - length or width in centimeters, k - the number of stitches on the right side, n - number canvas. Now you know how the canvas will be directly under the embroidery.


Calculate the total number of the canvas. The size of the allowances depends on what is embroidery. For example, if you want to embroider a picture, which is then pasted on the mat, you need to add to each side of 5-6 cm. To decorate shirts or bags sufficient allowance of 1 cm.


Linen canvas of Russian production is not alwaysIt has a number. In fact, it's just a linen cloth weave rare. It is more suitable for products whose stitch size is not particularly important. Stitch is not done through a single weave and two. Count the number of stitches horizontally and vertically in the diagram. Multiply both numbers by 2. When buying specify how many stitches have to 1 cm in warp and weft. Number canvas calculate scheme L = k / k1, where L - side length in centimeters, k - twice the number of stitches, and k1 = number of stitches in 1cm.


Calculate the amount of allowances. They should be a little more than you would with a cotton canvas as linen in the wash sits very much. If you intend to use as the basis linen canvas to decorate clothing, bed or table linen, it must be treated in the same way as any other linen cloth that is washed and ironed.

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