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How to calculate the salary

How to calculate the salary

Salary or wage rate? is a fixed wage of an employee for the performance of their duties specified complexity per unit of time, in accordance with the Labour Code.

The grid tariff rates? This charging of compensation of employees in organizations, which are financed from the federal budget on the single tariff scale.

You will need

  • The Labour Code, the staffing, the single tariff scale for organizations financed by the federal budget.



Determine the type of organization for the employeewhose salary is calculated. If an organization funded by the federal budget, the wage is set unified pay scale. If a commercial enterprise, then the salary is established on the basis of financial capacity, but not less than the statutory minimum wage.


For commercial companies the size of the salaryset in staffing, we can determine the size of the payment, taking the figure from the same position. It is also important to remember that the minimum wage does not take into account allowances, bonuses, bonuses and other incentive payments, additional payment for hazardous or difficult working conditions, as well as other social and compensation payments.


In addition to staffing for the calculation of the salary of the new position using the selected method of calculation: the method or the method of grading factors linked to the salary of key personnel.

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