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How to calculate the root

How to calculate the root

In mathematics there is such a thing as "root".

He has a radical expression and the extent of which is designated by the left of the root sign. The root of the second degree is called a square, and the third - the cube.

root function of the number is the inverse function of a number raised to a power.

You will need

  • The installed system is a family of Windows-
  • Optional - Internet connection and a browser installed.



For example, we calculate the square root - root second degree - the number of 9.
Run the application in Windows calculator. In the menu item "View", make sure that the current is "Normal". Enter the number 9 and then click «sqrt». The result is the number 3. Now, if this number is multiplied by itself, ie, erected in the 2nd degree, then we get back to number 9
3? = 3 * 3 = 9


Next, consider the example of the extraction of 8cube root - the root of the third degree. In Calculator, switch the menu under "View" in the "Engineering". Purple symbols represent different function scientific calculator. Find button with the function, which is located right in the middle of the field. This function is «X ^ Y», ie any number of X raised to the power Y.Esli X raised to the power, the rate of which is reverse to another number, for example, 1 / Y, it will be equivalent to the extraction of the root of X of degree Y. In this example, 8 degrees (1/3)


We calculate the value of reverse number for the indexerected degree. Type 3, locate and click on the bottom right corner of the functions of the button "1 / X». The result is a long periodic number 0.33333 ... Take it into memory by pressing the button on the right next to «M +». Now, enter 8, press the «X ^ Y» and remove the value for Y from the memory by pressing the «MR». Click "=" or press Enter on your keyboard. The result is the number 2. Now, if this number is multiplied by itself three times, that itself build in 3 degree, then we get back to number 8
2? = 2 * 2 * 2 = number of extraction 8For square and cubic root enough to erect a number of 0.5 and 0.25 degree respectively.

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