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How to calculate the phone number

How to calculate the phone number

Many subscribers have repeatedly faced the problem of determining the number of the incoming call, the hidden service CIR.

If necessary, such calls are now fairly easy to identify, it needs to perform certain actions.

You will need

  • Cellular telephone



If your phone regularly receives calls from suppression rooms (Hidden caller phone number), you are in anythe time can get the information you need about these calls. Each mobile operator subscribers to provide such a service as itemized billing. Some operators may have it remotely (via text messages), some, in turn, provide it only if the owner of the phone calls directly to the office. What you need to do to find the hidden rooms incoming calls? Let us consider two cases.


To begin with talk about your visit to the office of the operator. In this situation, you need to bring your passport, as well as the service contract rooms (If possible). Note that in order to get details on your phone, you must be the owner of the SIM card (that is, the number should be issued in your name). Once in the office of your mobile operator, ask the manager to make itemized bill. You will need to pay for the service (usually its cost does not exceed 100 rubles). Five minutes later, you will be given a printout of the numbers of all calls during the period that you have designated.


If your operator provides for the possibilityRemote Call detail, you need to follow these steps. Call customer support phone operator (Call-Center) and request for your itemized bill. The service is also a paid (its cost is deducted from your balance). The disadvantage of this method is the point that you are provided with information only about the last ten calls. The report comes in the form of SMS.

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