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How to calculate pensions

How to calculate pensions

Pension payments ? this is the main cash paid by citizens who for some reason can not work or have reached retirement age.

On 01.01.2010, the Law № 173-FZ? On labor pensions in the Russian Federation ?, which made changes to the pension calculation process.

You will need

  • Law № 173-FZ? On labor pensions in the Russian Federation ?, data on calculated pension capital indexed under the provisions of the Government of the Russian Federation as of the date of calculation.



Specify the base part of labor pensionsWhich is a fixed base size. It depends on the species pensions and citizen categories.


size pensions, Which is calculated from the calculated pension capital and consists of three points:
- Part of the pension capital, depending on the total length of service before January 1, 2002 and the ratio of the value of the average monthly wage of the average earnings of the pensioner in the country in the same sroki-
- The amount of insurance premiums that are listed by the employer, for the pensioner after 1 January 2002, if such were-
- The amount of valorization pensionsIf the pensioner has the seniority to January 1, 1991.


Calculate the full size pensions by adding the base and calculated its parts.

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