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How to calculate pensions


How to calculate pensions</a>

Pension payments ? This is the main cash paid to citizens who, for certain reasons, can not work or have reached retirement age.

Since 01.01.2010 the Law No. 173-FZ "On Labor Pensions in the Russian Federation" was adopted, which introduced changes in the process of calculating pensions.

You will need

  • Law No. 173-FZ? On labor pensions in the Russian Federation ?, data on the calculated pension capital, indexed according to the resolutions of the Government of the Russian Federation as of the date of calculation.



Define the basic part of labor Pensions, Which is a fixed base size. It depends on the form Pensions And the category of citizen.


Determine the size Pensions, Which is calculated from the calculated pension capital and consists of three items:
- part of the pension capital, depending on the total length of service before January 1, 2002 and the ratio of the average monthly earnings of a pensioner to the average monthly earnings in the country at the same time-
- the amount of insurance premiums paid by the employer for a pensioner after January 1, 2002, if such were-
Is the sum of valorization PensionsIf the pensioner has a seniority before January 1, 1991.


Calculate the full size Pensions By adding the basic and calculated parts.

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