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How to calculate the moral damage


How to calculate the moral damage</a>

Moral damage arises from loss of non-property due to physical or moral suffering caused by the act or omission of another person.

But how to calculate the amount of moral damage?



Moral damage Difficult to calculate. Rather, you can talk about the totality of documents and evidence, confirming the facts of causing you moral harm. If you decide to go to court with a lawsuit about causing you moral harm and compensation for moral damageBut, be prepared for the fact that, in the absence of substantive evidence, the court can reject your claim.


Provide evidence of causing youMoral harm. Such evidence usually includes documented evidence of physical and moral suffering (for example, deterioration of health or the inability to continue normal social life).


Provide evidence of unlawfulBehavior of the person who caused you moral damage. However, if the court finds that such evidence leads not only to civil but criminal liability, the case of unlawful actions of the violator of your peace of mind can be separated into a separate proceeding and transferred to the appropriate court, if this was not previously known. In addition, if you do not aim to bring a person who caused you harm to criminal liability, the case of compensation for moral harm may not end in your favor.


Gather evidence supportingThe causal and objective objective connection between the person's unlawful behavior and causing you harm. For example, if your dog is bitten by a dog and you experience moral suffering because of this, this can not be the reason for the claim for compensation of moral damagea. It's another matter if the dog bites you, and you were forced to take a sick leave. In this case, you have the right to demand compensation from a moral damagea.


The law stipulates that the total amount of moral damageBut can not exceed 720 minimum wages (which roughly corresponds to the average earnings for 10 years). However, the unconditional formula by which you can calculate the moral damage, Do not exist, so use common sense in assessing it so that the court does not have the opportunity to doubt your sanity.

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