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How to calculate the molar mass of substance

How to calculate the molar mass of substance

The term "molar mass of a substance" means the mass of one mole of it, that is an amount of substance which contains 6,022h10 ^ 23 atoms, ions or molecules.

Measured this mass in grams / mole.



How can I calculate the molar mass of the complexsubstance? Calculate the molar mass of matter is very simple, it would require only a knowledge of its formula. In order to understand how to calculate this value, consider that is used as an effective and low-cost nitrogen fertilizer, for example, familiar to some gardeners ammonium nitrate. A more accurate name for this substance in accordance with the requirements of chemical nomenclature - ammonium nitrate. The chemical formula of ammonium nitrate as follows: NH4NO3. That is, in one molecule, it contains two nitrogen atoms and 4 hydrogen atoms and three oxygen atoms. And what is its total molecular weight? To determine you need to multiply the atomic mass of each element by the number of atoms, and add these works.


The atomic mass of nitrogen is 14 atomic units,Hydrogen - 1, oxygen - 16. Make a simple calculation: 2h14 + 1x4 + 3h16. Get the result: 28 + 4 + 48 = 80 atomic mass units. Here is the molecular weight of the ammonium nitrate. Computing values ​​rounded to the atomic masses of elements have been used.


Since moles - it is the amount of substance,whose mass in grams is numerically equal to its molecular mass in atomic units, you will get an immediate result: 1 mol of ammonium nitrate is approximately 80 grams. Here is the molar mass of the substance.


What are the molar mass of ordinary matter? Not all chemicals are complex, ie composed of different atoms. How to calculate the molar mass of matter consisting of atoms of only one kind, such as graphite or diamond containing only carbon (C)? This problem will not make the slightest difficulty. It is only necessary to know the atomic mass of the element. Y is carbon it is 12 atomic mass units, thus the molar mass as a diamond and graphite is 12 grams / mole.


If the molecules of simple substances do not consist of 1atom, and of several atomic mass of the element is multiplied by the appropriate factor. For example, O2 - known formula of oxygen gas, whereby there is life on Earth. Its molar mass is 16x2 = 32 grams / mole. But the formula modifications, ozone - a gas with a characteristic pungent odor - O3. Therefore, the molar mass of ozone 16h3 = 48 g / mol.

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